Hoco 10000 mAh Wireless Power Bank

10,000 mAH hoco wireless power bank made with lithium polymer battery enables you to charge your smartphones and tablets.


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Hoco 10000 mAh Graceful energy wireless 5W charging power bank 10000mAh Micro-USB / Type-C 2A input and dual USB 2.1A output LED power display

  1. Capacity: 10000mAh. Rated capacity: 6400mAh.
  2. Battery: lithium polymer battery.
  3. Size: 150*73*14mm, weight: 238g.
  4. Input: Micro-USB: 2A, Type-C: 2A.
  5. Output: wireless output: 5W, USB1: 2.1A, USB2: 2.1A.
  6. Material: ABS + PC flame retardant material.
  7. Display: LED light power display, red breathing light 0-32%; blue breathing light 33% -66%: green breathing light 67% -99%; green constant light means full power. Metal foreign object detected: yellow light on.


Black, Cyan


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