Fashion is an ever-changing world. The big brains in fashion are working all around the year to come up with new designs and drive new trends down the vine. Then come to the influencers, social media and marketing teams who make sure that the designs are shown to the public and distributed through the sales channels, thus ensuring the target audience is kept up to date with the trends at all times.

It is, however, very difficult to be fashionably on the dot every time you step out of the house. As a regular woman going about her daily life, one often finds that keeping up with the latest trends is hard. You stock your closet for one season and feel pretty up-to-date for a few weeks, only to find that the next season approaches and your wardrobe is rendered outdated.

This is a nightmare for most girls trying to balance work, studies, home management, and fashion altogether, not to mention the budget upsets it causes every so often. But worry not, we are here to shed some light on how you can keep your closet updated and not have to suffer fashion blunders at the hands of your clothing collection.

In and Out:

For starters, let’s take a look at the bygones of 2018 and the upcoming trends of 2019. The spring, summer, and fall of 2018 saw a lot of old trends revisited in modern ways. Loose hues and flowy cuts with added embellishments dominated the industry in fancy wear, and A-line and short peplum styles in fun prints and a mix of bolds and pastels were all the rage in both eastern and western style casuals.

For everyday casual style, we saw a popular trend of loose tops as well as bottoms, which was a stark contrast to the fitted silhouettes which were popular in the recent past.

For the bottoms there was a revival of the old fashion of culottes, loose trousers, palazzos and ankle-length skirts which could be paired with a variety of tops. Bell bottoms and boot-cut denim saw it’s way back into the limelight, as did jump-suits and full length straight-cut loose trousers. In addition, there was one trend that survived it’s way from the previous years into 2018, and that was the trend of loose tops with leggings. This seems to be a timeless classic for casual wear which can never go out of fashion.

For the upcoming 2018-2019 period, we can look forward to having a lot of fun with our outfits. The trend of loose flowy hues and straight cut tops will continue with the casual category being dominated with these trends. Capes and gowns will be a huge part of the season, with different adaptations being used for western casuals, eastern party wear and all kinds of formals in different forms.

Monochrome is making a big comeback this season, with all designers launching their street-wear casual collections with variants of geometric, floral and plain monochrome prints. The short shirts will be replaced with medium length tunics and tops to pair with the cigarette pants, which will also be making a comeback this upcoming season. Off-shoulder & cold-shoulder tops and halter-necks may also see a rise in their popularity again.

Bottoms will be dominated with both straight-cut and skinny hues, with the casual leggings thriving to see another season through successfully. Much to the delight of denim lovers, skinny jeans will make a classic come-back. Distressed jeans is another trend that is catching on fire and will continue to do so for the upcoming season.

Get out of the (out-dated) closet misery!

It is definitely not easy to stay on top of your fashion game with the trends changing so quickly and completely. It is also not cheap to revamp your wardrobe every so often. However, with a little attention and some tweaking, you can ensure your wardrobe is able to bear the challenge and your closet always keeps your collection with the times without much burden on your pocket. Here are some tips to help you stay fashionable:

1. Focus on basics

Buy little, buy smart. Sticking to this mantra will help you immensely in your fashion quest. Trends change every season and it is not possible for you to replace all your clothes every few months. The solution to this is focusing on the basics. When the fashion changes, buy a few staples for every occasion and use them in different combination. For example, for the upcoming season, invest in a few cigarette pants in basic colors (black, white, beige, navy, etc.) which go with most hues. These can be used in combination with a wide variety of tops of every length, print, and style.

2. The resale market

In the recent past, there has been a huge growth of online resale groups, a lot of which focus on the resale of second-hand women’s fashion items. If you are not picky about using pre-used things, then you can make use of these sales and choose the best pieces for yourself at a bargain price. On the other hand, the same marketplaces can be useful for getting rid of your used pieces which you no longer want or need, while making a little money in the process to buy new clothes!

3. Follow international trendsetters

If you are really into fashion, then you will know that there are a few places and a few designers who are responsible, every year, to create and drive the trends which the rest of the world follows, while adapting to their own regions respectively. The most famous of these are the fashion houses of Italy and Paris. The trends that are born there are the ones which the other designers the world over incorporate into their pieces for the season. Following the source will give you a better and timely idea of what’s to come in the fashion world and you can act accordingly.

4. Make use of social media

For the local fashion scenario, social media is your best friend. Follow your favorite Pakistani designers on Facebook, Instagram, and other popular social media platforms to stay updated with their campaigns and designs. Fashion houses and retailers often hold different competitions for giveaways on their social media profiles as well, which you can benefit from. Their profiles will also often give you hints of their upcoming collections, from which you can gauge the new trends.

5. Analyze retail collections

The collections displayed by retailers are you last hint as to what is in and what is out of fashion. If you have missed all previous clues, the pieces being shown on display at the local retail outlets will give you a definitive idea of what is to be worn this season to stay up to date. The cuts, hues, prints, colors, and combinations will for sure give you worthy ideas of how to update your wardrobe and not be a fashion misfit.

Trends in the fashion world can change overnight. On the surface it takes only a few days, but in fact it is months of hard work on the part of the designers, marketers, vendors and retailers which comes in front of us as a finished product.

This is how the true fashionistas are always able to keep up with the current trends; they keep an eye on the international market and can sense the direction the fashion world is going to take. For the average person, it can be hard to devote attention solely to this pursuit. Following our tips given above, you too can become a fashionista and not be punished by your out-of-date closet!

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