Once summer arrives, it’s time to say goodbye to the old and welcome in the new. First things first – beginning with our closets. Get ready to clear out your wardrobes and make room for fresh picks coming with this summer. It’s high time time to charge your shopping lists but, what colors, labels and prints are trending around the world? What exactly should you buy in order to fulfill your desire for style and comfort in this blazing heat and sweat?

Discovering new fashion is no rocket science, leave that to the scientists. In truth, it is a part of our DNA as fashion lovers. In 2018, the fashion trend is getting a forward update with chic details and stand-out silhouettes. There is a prettier and softer mood in the air. Color is the key whether it is neon yellow or pastels; jumpsuits or dresses on shirt; prints on prints or simply plaid; you don’t have to choose everything but the options are most definitely there.

Let’s take things one step further. Read on to see the major trending styles every fashion girl should know. This way, you can easily prepare your shopping list for this season.

Cheerful Yellow:

Love it or hate it, the fashion industry is moving over millennial pink because the lighter tone of neon yellow is one of the summer’s major colors in 2018. Yellow will be doing full coverage, worn in even the darkest days of spring to cheer everyone else up.  Buyers are asking their clothes to be brighter and cheerful and for that merchants need to change their color stories for merchandising. Pink-lovers don’t be heartbroken, the sorbet hue is not going anywhere, on the flip side, you will find mix and match ultra-pastels being adopted everywhere.

Breezy Attires:

When the climate is fractious, you can find comfort in easy, breezy, and chic outfits which look modern and fresh. When you are running late for an office meeting or heading out with friends there is a whole lot to choose from. For a subtle sleek vibe u can go for a pretty maxi and sandals or a pencil skirt and slides, also don’t underestimate the power of a throw-on-and-go T-shirt. For the right style and flair, a wrap dress with sneakers or a striped top with white jeans will be flawless attires.

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These outfits are perfect for scorching summer days and luckily for us Pakistanis, as they are trending.


Are you in need of a quick outfit for morning routine or desire a girls-night-out-appropriate ensemble? Thankfully jumpsuits are proving to be an undeniably major fashion trend this season. The best part about these simple one-piece is that they come in so many styles that you are guaranteed to look naturally cool and they are perfect for summer.

Fabulous Culottes:

This summer look perfect at work and on weekend by giving some rest to your regular jeans and swapping in a pair of culottes. These loose-fitted, high waist and relaxed pants are one of the versatile items in your closet because they work everywhere. Team it with a fitted tee or tuck in a button down and layer it with trench coat for an elegant look.

Pull off a coat:

Winters are definitely long gone but, coat lovers we have good news for you. Long coats are coming back this summer in full force. It might seem unnatural to wear a super-long coat in the dead of summer, but in fashion world it is not. We have spotted so many style stars and fashion bloggers in thin and light floor length pieces, therefore it has become a major summer unexpected trend that can instantly transform you from ultra-chic to completely classic.

Deconstructed Sleeves:

Shake things up with deconstructed sleeves – an update to the off-shoulder trend, this is a new addition to this season. Imagine your outfit sleeves with dramatic designs that look as if they are torn away from your outfit. Pretty cool huh?

Waist Belts:

Strap up your outfit with a belt that will be all over your Instagram feed before you know it. It does not matter what kind of belt nor it is important to be all fit and athletic. Just know that a waist belt is essential to the season’s fashion sense. You can belt jackets, sling a chain belt over a slinky dress, or simply use it daily to update your apparel.

Summer Plaid:

Whoa! Put your shades on because things are about to get high octane here. Just when you thought plaids and checks were strictly for winters only, they are taking charge of summer’s print and not going anywhere.

The simple truth is that looking at your best in summers is easy and standing out in the crowd with your perfect looking chic clothing doesn’t take much of your time. With the correct key pieces of flat sandals, breezy dresses, on-trend tinted sunglasses, and a chic leather belt bag can spice up your apparel that is on trend. In fact, I bet you already have loads of this somewhere in a corner of your closet; you just need ideas to style them and embrace them.

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