As much as we Pakistani people would love to spend our summer days chilling in our air-conditioned rooms in nothing but pajamas, sadly for most of us it is quite impossible. That is why clothes are needed to put on but the classic shorts and tee outfit every day gets boring. Therefore, we think every man needs to understand and master how to layer their ensemble each day that is trendy, stylish, and comfy (keeping in mind the unpredictable rise in Karachi’s weather).

So in order to help you with your summer layering, we are here to guide you through our recipe to beat the heat by looking cool whilst following the seasonal styles.


Layering a shirt over a T-shirt is the right option for you this season to blend in with the crowd.  This style works for you effortlessly no matter where you are off to. It is better to keep the T-shirt as plain as possible, however, for the sake of variation you can pull of a patterned or colorful shirt layered over a T-shirt. You can pull off this look with a pair of shorts to really bring the summer vibes or with a pair of chinos for a more casual approach.

From cotton checks to stripes or denim to neutral linen shirts look perfectly top layers when left fully unbuttoned or to inject a dash of cool look to your outfit try doing a couple of top buttons of your shirt and leaving the bottom buttons open.

Summer Blazer:

Indeed it is summertime but that doesn’t mean you can’t pull off attire for office or for an important occasion. Hence, it is essential that the pieces you layer up should be softly tailored, thin, and breathable. Don’t fret! There are a number of summer blazers that won’t make you feel sweltering instead will keep you nice and in style during the summer heat.

Jackets and blazers light in weight and color such as cream, ivory, and white is the perfect addition and good investment for your wardrobe. It is also advised that they should be more relaxed in fitting as they will allow you to receive more air circulation which helps in removal of moisture and heat.

Complete White:

Dressing in summer is all about keeping yourself comfortable with a popular look, for this try wearing white from head-to-toe. This look is great if you want to look clean and modest. But if you want a cool look and want to make your impressions high as well then try a navy blue or maroon top layer instead of white; this will smarten things up straight away.

Also, one of the easiest ways to get the summer trends and keeping your cool as well from your outfit is by wearing lighter shades because of their reflective properties rather than darker hues as they don’t absorb light and make you feel hot quicker.

Turn To The Bottom:

When it comes to layering, vests, shirts, and knits are what immediately pop up in mind, however, using the correct legwear is a great way to inspire your summer style and spice up your personality.

Swapping jeans with a pair of cotton chinos is a better idea when the sun is full on show. Another best choice can be dress trousers. These are popular for providing relaxation because of their lightweight and breathable fabric, therefore best for covering the lower body in summers. If you want to keep yourself remarkably cool then shorts serve you as an active wear and are one of the best casual essentials in your wardrobe.

Finishing Touch:

Footwear is also worth bearing in mind during the summer season as they inject a finishing look and warmth to your subtle style.  You can choose sandals which is the oldest and informal type of footwear. Classic boat shoes are there to serve you on formal occasions. They prove to be breathable and on-trend, available in the variety of colors and can be worn sockless. The perfect casual choice for hot weather is canvas sneakers. They are practical, comfortable and can be paired with shorts, jeans, or chinos.

Final Word:

All in all, there is no need to wish the summer season away instead you can make any look work for you by keeping it simple and sticking to the right colors and styles. Also, making sure whatever pieces you choose must be breathable. Jazz up your outfit by wearing sunglasses or a fabric strap watch to finish off the look well.

We hope that we have given you enough inspiration to master summer styling and you are on board to mix up your wardrobes and achieve cool outfits without compromising your style.

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